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LJUBLJANA V obdobju od 18. 3. do 1. 4. 2017 so v okviru projekta ERASMUS+ KA1 "New Skills For New Jobs" naši dijaki gostili dijake iz Belgije. V času mobilnosti so bili prvi teden prisotni pri pouku. V drugem tednu so znanja pridobivali v realnem delovnem okolju v podjetjih: Impulz servis, Iskra ISD in Iskra Strojegradnja in vzdrževanje. Svoja opažanja so dijaki strnili v dnevnih zapisih, ki si jih lahko preberete v nadaljevanju članka. V prvih dneh mobilnosti so dijake spremljali: ravnatelj, Ronny Verhoeven, koordinator projekta, Philippe Gruwier in učitelj strokovnih predmetov, Yves Verbruggen.

18. marec 2017
Avtor: Pieter-Jan Adams

Today it was D-day. I woke up at 6 O’clock and rode to the airport with my mother. When we arrived mister Verhoeven was already waiting for us.
BrnikAt 9:20 in the morning our plane went to Slovenia. During the flight everyone was very excited. We all couldn’t wait to land in Slovenia. After 1:30h flying we landed. We took our luggage and went out of the airport so the Slovenian guys could see us and give us a ride. After they picked us up we had lunch. I ate a typical Slovenian soup with noodles and beef. This soup needs to cook 4 hours. The main dish existed out of turkey schnitzels, fries and salad. This was really delicious.
In the afternoon Johannes and I saw some motocross. This was really impressive. When we had desided to do something else. We went to a pub. In the pub we ate some froglegs and some Bull testicles. Those where both very good.
After the pub we went to Matic's house to eat again. This time we ate some pork and bread. After the bread and pork there was some tiramisu.
This was the first day of 2 weeks in this beautiful country. I saw a lot of beautiful thing.Things were I could learn from. A lot of habits are different but it still feels like home.

19. marec 2017
Avtor: Johannes De Bleser

Today we woke up pretty late for Slovenian hours. After Matic and I had breakfast, Jure and Pieter-Jan picked us up and we drove to their school. At Solski Center Kranj we waited for David, Tom and their hosts to leave for Ljubljana.
LjubljanaWe parked the car at the park in the centre of the city called Tivoli. Tivoli is a nice and big green space in the middle of the city and it was also our starting point for our exploration of Ljubljana.
When we walked out of the park we visited a lot of beautiful buildings. We walked past the biggest orthodox church, the national opera building, the university of Ljubljana and also the library of the university of Ljubljana.
This library is partly build of the stones that were left of the building that stood there before. I think it looks a little bit like a Lego structure with a grey base and above that it has red bricks and other grey stones mixed in to one beautiful building.
We also saw a special brass door of a church. On this door the hole history of Slovenia was pictured. If you look closely you will see that one part looks like gold. This is the part of the door people use to open the door.
Of course we also visited the castle of Ljubljana. This castle looks impregnable, with its high walls and strong look. It also is located on top of a hill, this makes it so that when you are on top of the big tower you have a magical view across Ljubljana. Inside of the castle we visited three different exhibitions. One was about the history of the castle, one about the history of Slovenia and the last one was about puppet. I think I can say that we all liked the exhibition about the puppets the most.
After our visit to the castle we had lunch. Like we are used to from the Slovenians the food was delicious. When we were done eating we walked across the three bridges and went to the first skyscraper in Slovenia where we had a drink.
This was our trip to Ljubljana and also our second day in Slovenia.

20. marec 2017
Avtor: Tom Meyers

RobotToday is the first day that we went to the Slovenian school called Solki Center Kranj. I started the day by waking up at around 6:15 am. And then Natasha drove me to school. The first thing we did was going around the school and seeing all the classrooms. We started of in an newly build block. Here there were ict, electronic, electric and cnc rooms. A nice part of this building is that there was art on the wall. This is because the school head likes art. Then we went to the normal block of the school. Here they had 3D printerclassrooms for electronics, electricity, milling, pneumatics, hydraulics and much more. As an addition they also have a recreational room, Library and a big dining place.
They also have a lot of toilets spread around the school which is always nice. And during the breaks they are allowed to be inside the school. So far I am impressed with the school. How nice and clean it is. Also Šolski Center Kranj school is allot bigger then our school.
KranjAfter we finished the tour around the school which was around 10:00 am we went to Kranj. This is the city where the school is located. We did this with the three teachers and the 4 students from Belgium. We saw a few beautiful and old buildings. Like the shopping center, church, monuments and a map made out of brass. We also had a nice view of Kranj when we were on top of a platform. What made this tour around Kranj good was the weather. It was very sunny so everybody was enjoying it.
After the day was complete me and Miha went with the bus back home. The buses here are allot cleaner than back in Belgium. We had comfortable seats and enough leg space. When we arrived back home in Nova Vas Pri Lescah we took a small break. After this break I visited Radovljica a small but nice village. There was not much to see. Except for the mountains surrounding the village. You can even see the highest mountain of Slovenia which is the Triglav. This mountain is about 2,864m high. And I am not used to this kind of view.
Overall I can say that I am pleasantly surprised with this internship. So far I can’t complain. Everybody is so nice, everything is beautiful and there is allot of food.I think that these two weeks will pass by very fast. And I can’t wait to see more of Slovenia which is such a nice country.

21. marec 2017
Avtor: David Crombez

Today, after I got up at 6 o’clock, I ate some cornflakes and prepared myself to go to school. It was a very special day today becaus we would have our first lessons.
We started the day at 7:15h with ICT programming in C#. It was realy hard to understand everything becaus it went realy fast. The only thing I did was look at the blackboard and copy what the teacher was doing. But even if I worked like this it was realy hard to follow what resulted into a disaster. My program was full of mistakes but after a while and some help from Tom it finaly worked. At the end of the two hours Tom gave a presentation about the game he is making and everybody including me was very impressed.
The third hour we had lunch which is funny becaus it was only 8:50h. we went outside to the hamburgerseller. Those burgers were big and tasted realy good. We ate them outsid in the sunshine. At 9:35h we went back to school fort he next lesson.
At 9:45h the next lesson started. That lesson was english and we just had to present ourselves and answer some questions. There were realy good questions like: ‘what are the big differences between Belgian and Slovenian schools?’ And ofcourse there were some stupid question too like: ‘did you see some nice Slovenian girls?’
CNCThe next hour, it was at 10:35h we had CNC. When I looked tot he clock I thought that it was wrong because it was 10:35h and it feld like it already was 15:00h. But in the clas the teacher told us that he was doing a project for a friend of his. His friend has a company that produces bycilceseats, and he tol dus that his friend makes this kind of fixed seats. So he asked us to write a CNC-programme for making the second part of a kind of a fittingmall. After we wrote the programme and inserted it in the millingmachine he showed u show it was done. An dit was actualy a strage way of beauty to see it work.
Then at the time of 12:10h we were normaly done fort he day but all of a sudden they said that we had to go to the lessons with our host. So I went to design and there I had to make a drawing about my feelings and at the end of the hour I had to explain what I drew. It was a strage hour but nothing in compare tot he last hour. The last hour I had Slovenian.
After school went home to eat lunch and then Jure came to pick us up to go to a lake. The lake’s name is Zbilje. At this lake we walked and told eachother some stories about our countries. And we played there with a ball we found and after like half an hour we walked back and went to a pub and told some jokes to eachother. When we finished our drinks we went to Škofja Loka and visited the castel up there and watched it getting dark. Afther it became dark we all went home. I am realy looking forward tot he next days too see more of the classes en of Slovenia.

22. marec 2017
Avtor: Pieter-Jan Adams

Today Jure and I stood up at 6 O’clock. We went both to Solski center Kranj. After school, I typed the report and Jure studied for school. Today we also relaxed a little bit.
Today the alarm went off at 6 O’clock. We dressed ourselves and ate breakfast. When we finished breakfast, I brushed my teeth. After brushing my teeth, we left the house and went to school.
At 7:15h we arrived at school. Like yesterday our hosts guided us to our classroom. The first 2 hours of the school day were ICT. After ICT, we went to the English class.
Between the English class and the next lesson, we ate lunch. After lunch, we had mechatronics.
Today we learned photo editing in the ICT class. When we arrived, the teacher began with explaining what we were going to do in his lesson. At the end of the explanation the teacher told us to went out of the classroom and return with 25 photo’s.
When we were back in the classroom we started editing photo’s. It was nice. The only thing I was missing was some explanation. The teacher explained almost everything in Slovenian so I couldn’t understand him.
When the ICT lessons ended we immediately went to the English lesson. This time we were in a smart class. It means that they are using a tablet during the whole schoolyear. First, we introduced ourselves. After that we used google translate to convert Dutch sentences to Slovenian sentences and the Slovenian guys did a reversed version of this. This was nice, I learned a lot from this so called “Game”.
PLCAt 9 O’clock we ate some lunch. We went to a hamburger shop. We all bought one hamburger. After we paid the bill we all ate it immediately.
At 10:35h we entered the classroom of mechatronics. Mr Verhoeven, Mr Gruwier and Mr verhoeven were also there. In the lesson mechatronics, they thought us how to work with GRAPH. It is specific method for programming PLC’s. This wasn’t that difficult but I learned a lot from the teacher. After 2 hours of programming Jure, Matic, Johannes and I went home.
When Jure and I came home we ate some potatoes, pork and paprika. It was delicious.
After finishing the meal, I started making my report. About 1:30h later I took a break and played scrabble with the host family.
After scrabble we ate some Grilled cheese sandwiches.
This was a nice day. We learned a lot on Solski center kranj. I also enjoyed from the afternoon. I appreciated it very hard that there was some time to relax. All those busy days are enjoyable, but relaxing is sometimes even better.

23. marec 2017
Avtor: Johannes De Bleser

Today I woke up at 5:45 like I’m used to now. After the drive to the bus station and then to school our first hour began.
We started with English today. Today we learned about how eco-guilty we are. It was a fun lesson and it wasn’t too difficult either. I also think the teacher liked us, because we were really interacting with the other students.
MehatronikaThe next two hours we followed mechatronics. The teacher was really nice and we could follow really well. We made an exercise about potential and kinetic energy. The exercise was about a ball that rolled down a slope and we had to calculate the final speed. What surprised me was the fact that students just kept walking in as the class went by. One student even came one hour and thirty minutes late and the teacher said nothing. We noticed this in other lessons, but never as bad as this.
After three hours we had lunch at 9:45. For us this is lunch but for the normal students this is their breakfast. We went to a shop close to school and bought our own food there. Since the weather was really nice we just ate outside.
The first hour after our lunch break we followed a lesson about databases. We learned what a database is and ten we worked with these databases.
Next we had another lesson of English. We sat together with a special class. The hole class consisted of students that played a sport at a high level. It was interesting to hear about the sports they played. It varied from football players to professional archers. After all I believe it is just to be a nice group of guys that were good at their own sport.
The last class we attended was the same as yesterday. It was real nice to be able to work on our little project. We fixed the last bugs in our PLC and our project worked. Then we learned some new tools to modify our program and we implemented these. After this our project worked really smoot.
This was hour last hour at school. At home we ate hour second lunch or just lunch for the Slovenian people. Today we ate spaghetti, it was very delicious.
After lunch Jure and Pieter-Jan came over and Matitc showed his model airplanes. He actually crashed the first one. Later his brother came over and showed us his drone. His drone is connected to this Virtual-reality type of goggle so he can see where the drone fly’s.
After all today was again an amazing day. I really like Slovenia and I’m also really happy with the opportunity we have to be here.

24. marec 2017
Avtor: Tom Meyers

oday was the last day in šolski centre kranj. This is sad because we really liked the school. There schedule is a lot better than my school in Belgium at least that's what I think. There equipment is very good. And it’s always nice that they have good food.
PoukWe woke up at around 6:15 am. After getting ready we went to the school. This was around 6:45 am. When we got in school it was around 7:10 am this is very early compared to the times in Belgium.
The first lesson we had was databases this was two hours. A database is a place where you can store information. The most know example is storing user names and passwords. Nobody of use really used databases before so it was kind of difficult to follow. The teacher had to continue the lesson for the students and we tried to follow and understand what happened. In the lesson we made a database about a library that stored all the books, who took the books and when it had to be returned. The teacher gave use some problems we had to fix.
After these two hours it was around 8:55 am. Then we had a lunch break which is really early. First we wanted to go to a burger restaurant but it was closed unlike the other days. So we went to a shop and bought some bread and a beverage. Then we ate and drank it. After that we enjoyed the really good weather.
After the lunch break was over we had English. This was the first time we didn’t had anything to do. This was because the students had to present a subject about computers. The first person was talking about quantum computing. He told about the difference between our current computers and quantum computers. Then we had the next student and he told about Linux and Linus Torvalds the creator of Linux.
Then the lesson was over so the two presentations were extensive.
The next two hours were pneumatics and hydraulics. But we didn’t really had any lesson. This was because someone of the ministry was in the school. This person talked with some teachers. So we heard from the students of the school that we had one extra hour free. The second hour we were supposed to go to a class but no teacher or student came. We waited for over 15 minutes at the classroom. After that we searched for Natasha the organisator. But we didn’t found her. Then we joined the class of Matic, Jure and Miha they are three of our hosts. They had math. But we already saw the subject they were doing two years ago so it was pretty easy for us.
The next hour we had an ICT related subject. At least that was on our schedule but in reality there wasn’t any teacher. When we were waiting another teacher took us in his class which was really nice. We had to design an automated system that would remove the bark and branches of a tree. This was only a sketch and some technical drawings. We had 30 minutes to come up with a design which was really fast but we made it. Then when we were done we had to present it to the teacher. He told us that our design was really good for the amount of time we got to make it.
This was the last lesson of the day and our last lesson in Slovenia. Normally we had one more lesson but because our hosts were done and because they had plans for us we had to follow them.
After school we went to a pizzeria. They had very large pizza’s for low prices.
Me, David and Pieter-Jan took a large pizza and nobody finished there pizza. So we took it back home. Then we had Johannes who was smart and took a small pizza. This food was very good and we have to thank the Slovenian guys for that because they know all the good places where we can buy good food.
JezerskoAfter this we went to the mountains and visited two different lakes. These lakes are a lot cleaner then the lakes in Belgium. They had almost clear water and we see that rarely in our country. There is also a little flower that looks like a trumpet. This flower is very special because when you blow on it then it will make a sound like a trumpet. This was something very funny and we made a little band.
This was the last day in school which is sad because I really liked it a lot. Today we really didn’t do that much in the school. So I think something went wrong with the planning which can always happen. On top of that I will hope the company’s will be as good and fun as the school was. Also the lakes by the mountains looked very good and nice which I am not used to. In total I am very pleased with how this internship turned out so far.

25. marec 2017
Avtor: David Crombez



Today we could sleep a little longer. It was already 7:30h when I had to wake up. Today we would go to Bohinj, Bled and Vogel.
We started our journey by car driving to Bohinj. But first we had to pick up Matic, Johanne, Pieter-Jan and Jure. And then we really started driving to Bohinj. I think it was after one and half hour of driving we arrived at the lake. And immediately after we arrived Johannes and I decided that we would go for a swim. But first we had to go for a walk up the mountain. So we took the cableway up to the top of the Vogel. It was actually a very steep climb up and that made the look down very scary. But then we started walking on the Vogel and what we saw was quite beautiful because everything was white. There was snow everywhere. Of course when you go out in the snow with a group of boys it results in a snowball fight that is why we had a little one. After a little walk we went back down.
Back down Johannes and I finally went for our swim in the lake. It was a little cold but it was really funny to do and I would like to do it again. Everybody thought we were crazy because the lake was frozen not so long ago but we were hard and went on. I jumped four times in the lake because I really enjoyed it. It was a bit cold but still great. After half an hour we went back to the car and we drove to Bled.
In bled we went for some kremesnita. This is a kind of a Slovenian dessert and I like it very much. After this little bite we went for some souvenirs and gifts for the people at home. I’m not going to tell which ones because than they will know what I bought for them. After the souvenirs we went for the little hart and we all took a picture with our hosts. After bled we went back home to prepare ourselves for the party in the evening.
After all it was a great day in Slovenia again (as always) and I hope there will be more days like this one.

26. marec 2017
Avtor: Pieter-Jan Adams

Sunday 26 march

Today we got up at 8:30h. We all weren’t that downy because we went late to bed. At 9.30 o’clock we met at Solski center Kranj. From there on we went to the caves of Postojna and the castle of Predjama. After we finished these two visits. We had some lunch and walked past the coast line.
We got up and had breakfast. I did not eat that much because we were in a hurry. After we finished breakfast we brushed our teeth and went to Solski center Kranj. At the school, we met Natasha and the other Belgian guys and their hosts except for Tim. He had to do some personal activities.
At 9.30 o'clock we left the school and drove to the caves of Postojna. We went in to the caves. In the beginning of the guided tour we just sat in an electric train. This train transported us to one of the most interesting places. We left the train and the guide began to explain what stalagmites and stalactites were. We saw a lot of them. They are made of limestone and it takes about 100 years to grow one cm of them. In the caves was also a Russian bridge out of the beginning from the 20th century. This caves were beautiful and interesting.
Predjamski gradAfter the caves of Postojna we drove to the castle of Predjama. When we arrived, it looked like a normal castle. But from the inside it was something very special. The castle was built in the opening of a cave. The beginning from the guided tour was normal. But when we moved on it became a lot more interesting. In the beginning of the guided tour the rooms looked normal but after a little while you could see the cliff and you could even touch it. One of the latest rooms we visited was a room that existed out of two floors and it was just a luxurious cave. When we moved on we saw the secret passage. One of the owners lived six months in one time in the castle. They gave him food true the secret passage. The guided tour was with an audio phone. I don’t like these things because the voice is always irritating me. But the castle was nice.
After the castle, we drove to the coast. It took one hour to get there. We went to Piran. We began with eating lunch. It was 5 o’clock, they finally served our food. I ate a pizza but this one was not that big as the other large pizza’s. It was still tasty. It was a nice village. We made a walk past the coast and in the village. After we finished the walk we went back home. When Jure and I came home I had some soup with bread. After dinner, I went upstairs to make my report of Sunday and Saturday.
This was a nice day. It was also a tiresome day but it was totally worth it. We learned a lot but it was still relaxing

27. marec 2017
Avtor: Johannes De Bleser

Today I woke up at 5:45 and left at 6:20. At 7:20 I was at school.
From school David, Pieter-Jan, Tom and I left for our companys. David, Pieter-Jan and I are working in the same company, but Pieter-Jan is working at in another part of the company.
The company is called Iskra Strojegradnja in vzdrževanje and produces a lot of components for cars, medical equipment and general electronical components.
ISKRA Strojegradnja in vzdrževanjeFrom school David, Pieter-Jan, Tom and I left for our companies. David, Pieter-Jan and I are working in the same company, but Pieter-Jan is working at in another part of the company. st costumer of this equipment was Saudi-Arabia. Our two mentors both worked there for about one to two months. A fun fact is that both mentors studied at Šolski center Kranj, the school we went to last week.
We were allowed to work with them on a production line. This production line was for another part of Iskra, so it will stay in the company. First we learned to make an Ethernet-cable connector, which is actually really difficult.
Then we went for our first lunch of the day. It was actually really tasty. There were fries and sausages. When we walked back to the working space I joked with David that we were in some kind of prison. Because every employee was wearing a uniform and everybody has to walk between different lines.. Our first cable was almost good but only connection eight was not working. After the first cable I had to connect all the keyboards and mices for the computers on the assembly line. David in the meantime made a second Ethernet-cable and again connection eight didn't work.
After this one of the mentors took us upstairs and showed us a PLC-program. This program was really big and complicated. Later he gave us the task to connect a special kind of PLC. When we were finished connecting it we could go home. The funny thing was that it was two o'clock in the afternoon. This is a normal hour to stop working in Slovenia.
After work David and I waited for Pieter-Jan and together we walked back to school. At school we met up with Jure and Matic. Together we drove to Skofja Loka where we ate our second lunch. Our second lunch was Kebab.
When we finished our lunch with a drink we had to hurry to meet Natasa and Tom. Natasa is our Slovenian coordinator. Together we went to see a traditional black smith - Kovaštvo Krmelj.
Kovaštvo KRMELJThis black smith makes all of his tools by hand, he also uses a special method to make knifes, axes and swords. He actually makes them like they make Japanese Katana swords. He uses multiple layers of steel which he melds together. Then he heats the tool and starts hammering it with a special machine. This machine produces a hundred tons of force. He repeats the same process over and over again until he is satisfied of his work. Than he needs to scharpen the tools and ad a handle. Even the handles are handmade. He uses wood from an ash tree. Afther the shaft is made he oils them and sometimes burns them. This way he ads colour to the handles. He also makes handles from special materials like bones, horns and even an old cable.
We also had the chance to throw axes. This was really fun and after a while even a little bit addicting.
Like you can read this day was again a great day in Slovenia. From the way their day is organised to the food and of course the nice trips we make.

28. marec 2017
Avtor: Tom Meyers

Today was the second day that we worked inside the Slovenian company’s.
Impulz servisThe company I work in is called Impulz Servis. They make servers and desktop computers for company’s. This time we had a few things planned to do. We made a server and installed an operation system and drivers on it. We made a few desktop computers and some backups. Then we also bought the right components to achieve all of this.
The day started at 7:30 am. The first thing we did was making a backup of an old computer and putting it in a new computer. This had to be a backup because we changed the storage as well (from an HDD to an SSD). Then we packaged the computer and brought it to the client.
After that we updated and installed drivers on another computer and while we were waiting for it to finish we started to assemble a small server. The server consisted of 2 Intel Xeon processors with 256 GB of ram and 6 hard drive (HDD) of 1 TB each. We first put the main motherboard inside a server case. We then proceeded by plugging a raid controller on the motherboard. A raid controller manages all the hard drives. It essentially makes one virtual hard drive out of the six ones. After this was done we started by plugging in the processors and the ram. After that we connected the hard drives to the raid controller. We then started by adding 6 fans to th server for optimal cooling. After everything was done we added a battery pack to the raid controller. This is done that when there is no power that the data inside the raid controller doesn’t get lost. After the power is back on then the controller while write it to the hard drives. This is a protection for when the power goes down.
After we build the server we started by configuring the raid controller so that it sees all the disks as one.
After this we installed the operating system. When this was done we had to change some settings but these depended on what the client wants. So we had to wait for those instructions and started to pick up items for building another computer and server. We went to Ljubljana and ordered parts for computers and servers. We also ordered a lot of network cables.
After this was done we went back to the working area and started to assemble another desktop computer. After this my day was done.
KartingAfter working at Impulz Servis Tim the host of David picked me up and we went to his home. After about 2 hours we went to a karting track.
Here we all drove around with karts for about ten minute.
Our group was to big so they made two smaller groups. The first group was the group that existed of only the Slovenians. Then it was our turn. We drove around on a track that was outside. After the karting we went for a drink on top of a hill just outside of Kranj. Here we had a beautiful view over the city.
Today was an interesting day because I had never build a server before. This was very interesting because it allowed me to do thing I normally never do. Also I had to be very careful not to break anything because all the parts were very expensive. In the evening we didn’t do that much which is nice because I was very tired. I am starting to miss Slovenia already just because it is so nice here. Every time I start thinking of leaving I get very sad. Until now I can’t complain at all. This experience is very special and I’m happy to be a part of it.

29. marec 2017
Avtor: David Crombez

Today I woke up at 6:20h again. But this time I wasn’t late because the bus I have to take is the bus I had to take yesterday. The only problem in the morning is waiting for the bus because it’s really cold in the morning.
When I arrived at work today we had immediately something to do. We had to assemble the grounding cables and pins. First we had to ground every part of the transport belt. This is necessary even if we are making it fully automatical. Maybe that’s why it has to be even more secure than normal. But after mounting every pin on the machine and bringing it all to one point we got our next job. Our next job was to mount the UTP-portals on the desks. This was really fast and easy done but after this we had lunch.
The things we did after lunch were pretty much the same as the ones before lunch. The new thing we did was that we had to connect the pins we mounted to the common point. I had to do this by soldering the cables together and of course after that putting them in the cable trays. And after doing that we had to connect every piece of the transport belt with each other. After that we had to go because we were going to visit some places in Slovenia.
But first we had to lunch so after leaving by car we went to her restaurant called Bolero. We all ate and drank something and we left for Planica. Planica is the biggest ski jump in Slovenia and last weekend there was a competition at Planica. And crazy as we are we went to the top by stairs. After what looked like a million stairs we finally reached the top. It was nice to see a ski jump from the top instead of the bottom like I did two years ago when I came here with my parents. On our way down we even had a little snowball fight but it ended fast because it wasn’t really safe to play on this hill. While getting down we were singing songs and trying to yell as loud as possible to have a nice echo.
When we got down we rook the car and drove to a lake called Yasna. This is a really cold lake but we took our swimming clothes with us. After changing Johannes, Pieter-Jan and I went for a swim. Our toes were freezing of but it was really funny because there is a tower with three levels. Johannes and I jumped from all three of them. But when we arrived Tom and Matic they saw a phone on the bottom of the lake so I dived it up and it really was a phone. When we were done swimming we went home.
I really liked today because I had some new experiences and I was happy that I could share some experiences I already had made with my friends. After these days I really start to like Slovenia even more and I’m finding it harder and harder to think about Saturday because I don’t want to leave yet.

30. marec 2017
Avtor: Pieter-Jan Adams

Today I got up at six o’clock. After we had breakfast we left the house. Jure brought me to the factory. I left the factory at two o’clock. Jure gave Johannes Matic and me a ride beginning from the factory to Skofja Loka. From Skofja Loka we rode to a cheese farm. After the farm, we went to a restaurant.
Today we got up at six o’clock. I got dressed and got breakfast. I ate some muesli with yogurt. After the muesli and a coffee, I brushed my teeth. At 6:45h Jure and I left Lajse. Jure drove me to the gates of the factory. I walked through the gates and went to Iskra ISD.
I did some measurements at Iskra. I measured about 900 pieces with a opticline contour. This measures the outside of the workpiece. It measures the contour by using two cameras. The cameras can measure your workpiece by receiving the reflection of the light. But before you can measure a specific workpiece you need to program the contour of your part in to the computer. The computer needs to know the measurements of the workpiece. When you have created the program, and putted the measurements and tolerances in the computer you can upload the program in to the software of the machine. When this is done you only need to replace the workpiece and push a button. The machine will measure the contour for you. At two o’clock I left the factory.
SirJure drove Matic, Johannes and me to Skofja Loka. We drank something in a pub. After we finished our drinks we took the car and went to the Cheese farm. We saw how cheese was made and how yogurt was made. After the guided tour, almost everyone tasted the cheese of the farm. I didn’t really like this. The cheese didn’t smell that well and unfortunately, I can’t eat any cheese. So, it was not an enjoyable experience.
We took the car again and went to a restaurant. The four Belgians and their hosts where all there. We had some soup, as main dich we had some meat, fries and salad. A few persons took a dessert. When everyone was finished Matic and Tim began to play accordion. It was impressive. They were both very good at it. After they were done Natasha gave the Four Belgians and their host a present.
This was not the best day in Slovenia but still good. I enjoyed the dinner with the hosts. This two weeks in Slovenia are an experience I will never forget.

31. marec 2017
Avtor: Johannes De Bleser

Today I woke up at 5:45. Like every morning a lovely breakfast was already waiting for me. I’m not used to having my breakfast already being spread out on the table. So I want to thank my hosts this way for taking good care for me and making sure I had everything I asked for.
ISKRA Strojegradnja in vzdrževanje At 7:00 David and I started our working shift. Because the assembling line was already finished we had to help moving it and cleaning the hangar where we worked in. We first started cleaning the hangar with a broom, but because we still had to move the three different parts of the assembling line we couldn’t clean everything yet. After lunch we had to help moving these three different parts towards another hanger were they would be used. Later we had to clean everything in the old hangar. We also helped putting all the three parts of the assembling line together.
A funny fact was that the accents on our uniform is red. We actually made a joke and sad that they were Gryffindor. Our jackets actually looked a little bit like Hogward uniforms. Other groups in the company had green accents, they were Slytherin. There was also a group with blue accents and they were of course Ravenclaw.
In the end we didn’t do a lot of technical work because the everything was already done the days before.
At two o’clock we left and waited at the bus station for Matic. When Matic arrived and later also the bus we went home. At home we ate our second lunch. Because Matic had an important job to do, I went on a little adventure by myself. I went for a run. On this run I decided to climb a couple of trees and get off of the path. This was not a very smart move because I had to walk off a very steep slope. The problem was that at the bottom there was a small river, which I crossed. But I had to get back up the slope to return home. I eventually just followed the river and the slope disappeared.
What really surprised me was how quiet and beautiful it was in the forest.
Like you can read I’m loving every second of this trip. Not only the delicious food my hosts make but also how well they take care of me is amazing. This mixed with the beautiful nature makes this trip unforgettable.
I want to thank everybody who has taken part in making this trip possible and also the hosts who really spoiled us. Also the teachers who made this possible earn a big thank you.

1. april 2017
Avtor: Tom Meyers

Today was our last day in Slovenia. I started the day of by waking up at around 5:00 am. I then proceeded by doing my normal morning routine. After this I checked if I didn't forget anything. We then went to the airport of Ljubljana. Here we arrived at around 5:45 am. We waited for everybody to arrive. Then we talked a bit and said goodbye. This was very hard for us because we really liked it in Slovenia.
Pogled na SlovenijoAfter checking and going threw the security we arrived at the bording station. Here we had to take the bus to the plane. The airline company we used to get back to Brussels was Adria airways. We waited for the plain to lift off this was around 7:00 am. When we arrived in Brussels it was around 8:15 am. Here we saw the Belgian weather and compared it with the Slovenian weather. It was cloudy and raining. Something we never saw in Slovenia.
We then proceeded by getting our luggage and going to our families.
It was good to see everybody but we really miss Slovenia. We had a great time there and I will miss it so much. I've met a lot of great people. The weather there was almost always good and the food was terrific. I think that everybody is happy that they got the chance to be there. I never thought that it would be this much fun in Slovenia but I'm pleasantly surprised. I am truly grateful that I had this chance and that everything went perfect. It was an experience to never forget. I can never thank all the people enough who made this possible.

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